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Oct 31, - In response, the FBI fielded a new pistol round, one they hoped would have better penetration: the 10mm. In the following years, the 10mm was ditched in favor of the S&W, a stubbier round that could fit into pistols designed for small calibers. Currently, the S&W is a law enforcement favorite, but after. Upcoming Glock - Page 3 - Weapons department - Escape from Tarkov Forum Julianna. Age: 19. I am here to find people to share moments with, to build memories for both, to share a smile and a hug, a kind word and a glips of happiness... Originally posted by cpd View Post. Jul 24, - “They refer to them as barrier-blind ammunition, so whatever you put them through, you're still going to get that 13 to 15 inches (penetration),” Payne said. “That is critical to (police officers).” Lexington Police Department Training Section Commander Roger J. Holland Jr. said his agency made its move to a. Marilyn. Age: 29. *couple friendly FBI returns to 9mm rounds, once shunned as ineffective Jan 16, - In April, the Lubbock Police Department will jump on the Glock bandwagon when it begins transitioning its officers and detectives from Sig Sauer the popularity of the Model 22 for law enforcement is thecaliber round, which is fast and provides good penetration without overpenetrating the target. Feb 23, - Law Enforcement Firearms It is better to fire a more modest round which gives pin-point accuracy and deep, reliable penetration. The least expensive (and most popular) method of launching the auto-pistol equivalent of Magnum-level whoop-ass is a Glock in either of two models, the full-size 20 or.

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Adriana. Age: 28. Hi! I'm Cori, a 21 year old playful little squirt next door What pistol was the FBI using? the glock 20? I have heard about s in 10mm that really seem to be holding up just as well as if they where chambered in, but i guess that could just be internet hoo-haw. I do understand and agree with you about the penetration not being practical for law enforcement. Most of the 10mm ballistic reviews seen to indicate over penetration and the hollow point bullet fragmenting or it is recommended for hunting or a woods gun. Any input . Since some law enforcement agencies use Sig, there's some great loads available from the big companies, if that matters to you. However, the pistol that brought the Auto caliber to prominence was the Glock It is easy (This is certainly a FAQ since the recently Glock 43 in 9mm.) Ultimately Police duty ammo is designed to go through auto glass and car bodies and then both reliably expand and adequately penetrate in soft targets. In other.


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